Rayne Gardens

Website, Social Media


The Rayne Gardens Project was a learning experience for the Peakport Digital Team to say the least. Nate Foss, who owns and operates Rayne Gardens has been an amazing client to work with, and is nothing short of an amazing business man. We've been doing Business With Nate for around 3 months now and have been working tirelessly on there website & Rayne Gardens Branding.

"come for an experience leave motivated to beautify your world" - Rayne Gardens

What we've done

1. Website Design

2. Website Optimization

3. Social Media Marketing (Youtube)

4. Photography

We've got work to do

Rayne Gardens needed a fresh visual start and stronger brand recognition. We had to overcome challenges from something as small as image issues

all the way to code breaking staying up till 3AM. It was all worth it for Nate and his amazing team at Rayne Gardens.

Now that we have completed Rayne Gardens website, we are taking on the brand new Rayne Gardens YouTube Channel!

be on the lookout for it.

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